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Freedmen's Bureau Report of an Inspection of the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville, Walker County

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Texas
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, 1865 - 1869
National Archives Microfilm Publication M821 Roll 32
"Miscellaneous Records Relating to Murders and Other Criminal Offenses Committed in Texas 1865 - 1868"

Freedmen's Bureau Report of an Inspection of the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville, Walker County.

List of Freedwomen and Men Confined in Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville, Walker Co. giving name of convict and particulars in each case as stated by them


Name County Offense  Sentence Remarks
Jane Grisham Brazos Stealing $10.00  2 years Has small child babe 
Carnie Petty Smith Stealing 3 dresses  5 years Has babe - accuser took her dresses and then Carnie took accusers 
Rose Moore Upshur Stealing Hog  2 years Husband stole hog - Rose knew nothing of it = meat was found in her house and she made pantry - her husband is in prison 
Georgia Swanson Harrison Stealing nightgown 2 years Took it wash but did not return it = this girl is perfectly white but was a slave 
Elvira Mays Harrison Helping prisoner to escape 2 years  Gave her husband a pick axe to get out of jail 
Elex Milsted Goliad Stealing 2 dresses and a ring  2 years
Patty Ann Jennings Harris  Stealing $80.00 3 years Mistress owed her and would not pay her
Judy Hammer Coryell  Burglary 2 years White woman Jane Haynes persuaded her to break into store and accompanied her - white woman not arrested 
Fanny Filsen McLennan Stealing $1.00 2 years Found it upon table of lady for whom she was working = 
Caroline Williams Cherokee  Stealing moving appl. Value $10.00 2 years  Taken from mistress
Amanda Hawkins Fayette Stealing $2.50 2 years Taken from a woman 
Caroline Johnson Galveston  Stealing one petticoat 2 years  Taken from mistress
Mary Chamlin Dewitt Stealing shiny pr. of stockings and 7 yas. Domestic  2 years Admits it =
Mary Burns Gonzales Stealing  2 years Box containing 30.00 was taken from employer she accused of it - denied it - she and her daughter both hung up by neck 2nd time daughter admitted - convicted on daughters evidence - denies it 
C. Chumley San Augustine Stealing 9 # meat 2 years Was hungry
F. Johnson Harrison Stealing 15 ears corn  2 years
H. Moore Calhoun Stealing pr. Of shoes  2 years Drunk childrens shoes = 
W. Thyms Cook Stealing log chain  2 years Took the chain from wagon on road because he broke down - knew whose it was and intended to return it but was arrested when he got into town by the man who owned it - did not intend to steal it 
M. Wyatt Nacogdoches  Stealing horse 5 years Says another man let him have it. 
M. Hallimus Anderson Stealing 12# cotton 2 years Denies it, says woman took it.
Prince of Wales Cherokee Stealing hogs 2 years Son-in-law killed the hogs, Prince went with them. 
M. Jones Harrison Stealing 10# Bacon  2 years Says another man stole it. 
Tom Rodgers Harrison Stealing 2 bush wheat 2 years Denies it = don't know anything about it.
M. Rundle Burleson Stealing horse  5 years Bought horse of freedman 
J. Simpson Upshur Stealing 3 pr. Of shoes a hat & pr. Cards  2 years
A. McCissick  

W. McCissick

Falls  Killing Stear 2 years These two boys say they were made to do this by their stepfather who ran away. 
C. Gumard Fort Bend Stealing load corn  2 years Sent by a man for the corn. 
J. Miller Polk Stealing bushel corn  2 years Taken from the field 
F. M. Lane Grimes Stealing pocket book  2 years He took the pocket book in fun - had it about 3 minutes - belonged to a fellow servant who prosecuted him at the instigation of a white man. 
Dick Hodge Fort Bend Stealing estray horse 5 years Took up estray horse sold it to f.m.c. for $15.00 and on ascertaining owner pd. back money. 
Henry Smithers Colorado Stealing horse 10 years Says another man sold his masters horse and he was sent to prison as the man. 
Dr. Robinson Upshur Stealing mule  5 years Took the mule to ride 4 miles. Turned it loose - Master got it Thursday after he rode it which day was on Sunday. Arrested on Thursday =1 
M. Usom Upshur Stealing half bush wheat  2 years
M. Moore Houston Stealing 15 yas. cloth  2 years White man gave him the cloth for getting him - the white man - a yellow girl to sleep with - brother of the white man had him arrested and prosecuted him. 
A. Adams Harrison Stealing pants coat and pr. of shoes  4 years
George Washington Guadalupe  Stealing horse 7 years Was and is yet a soldier belonging to Co. "H" 8th US Arty. Colored - Capt. B. Norton. Was arrested at Leguin on horse belonging to Capt. of his company, said horse having been purchased by Capt. No. of a Mr. Wagner of Victoria-had furlough at the time. Kept in Co. jail 6 mos. = never been discharged. 
Joseph Alexander Bastrop Stealing pr. earrings 2 years
Joe Smith McLennan Killing black woman  20 years Denies it = has bad temper. 
W. Mulhorn Limestone Stealing halter 2 years Says he borrowed it. 
Rio Haber Lamar Stealing 2 doz. hd. kfs.  5 years Denies it - has good look. 
Phil Yarber Smith Stealing 24 ears corn  2 years Fed it to his steers 
Scott Daniel Dallas Stealing piece of meat  2 years Taken from his employer 
Isaac Lloyd Brazos Stealing 2 pigs  2 years Could not get enough to eat and killed his masters hogs = 
Richd. Childs Guadalupe Stealing pig 2 years Had permission from man to kill and killed wrong one. 
Alick Swisher Travis Stealing Oxen 2 years Bought them of a Mexican for $16.00 
F. Robinson Williamson Stealing saddle blanket and gun 2 years  Another man stole them but he had them in his possession 
Geo. Goodings Cherokee Stealing saddle tree 2 years Man owed him $6.00 - took it because could not get pay 
Geo. Washington  

Joe Green

Colorado  Breaking open store 2 years  Goods found in their possession were bought in Houston, would not allow them to get witnesses - both tried together. 
W. Shephard Montgomery Stealing gun 3 years
Jack Dudley Liberty Stealing 4 chickens  2 years
Jno. Anderson Harris Stealing pocket book & 5 cents 2 years 
Frank R. Douglas Smith Stealing pistol 2 ½ years 
Dick Robinson Red River Stealing 16 plugs tobacco 2 years 
Tom Gravys Harris Stealing ½ plug tobacco  2 years Denies it.
Thad Roter Upshur Stealing hogs  2 years Denies it.
M. Jackson Harris Stealing $20.00  4 years Denies it.
Ben Jenkins Houston Stabbing  3 years
Robt. Turnham Milam Helping prisoner to escape  2 ½ years Denies it. 
Chas. Nixon Smith Stealing $24.00  2 years Denies it.
Jordon English Red River Stealing pistol 2 years Pistol was stolen by fellow servt. 
Tucker Harrell Polk Stealing ½ bush corn  2 years Admits taking 2 ears of corn. 
Andy Vinaw Lamar Stealing pr. of pants  2 years Was intoxicated by employer. 
*Jno. Byron Harris Stealing $10.00  2 years Denies charge.
Jacob Overstreet Harrison  Shooting white man 2 years  Was assaulted stabbed and driven 1 ¼ miles before shooting white man - did it in self defense. 
*Sam Buffet Colorado Stealing hog 2 years Taken from employer in lieu of rations which he failed to furnish = 
Alfred Sherrol Harrison Stealing 2 bales cotton 2 years 
Jno. Bartlett Guadalupe Stealing 2 pieces trace cham in all 1 yd. 2 years  Purchased from freedman in absence of his employer = freedman from whom he purchased it had charge of shop = 
Horace Lindsey Galveston Stealing 2 suits clothes 2 ¾ years  Was tried by Prov. Mar. and acquitted afterwards. 
Dick Snead San Augustine Stealing bushel corn 2 years Taken from employer.
Jas. Warn Henderson Stealing 1 bushel flour  2 years Taken from employer. 
Parker Eddington 

 Chas. Tatom

Sabine  Burglary 5 years Both these men deny charge, say a white man hung a boy aged 16 years - freedman - 3 times and made him confess that he and these two attempted to rob store - boy was released for telling 
Geo. Gill Ellis Stealing $20.00  2 years Found money in employers wagon and given to Magistrate - when arrested - employer was prosecutor. 
Ben Kyle Cameron Stealing 4 shirts  2 years Denies it, employer was accuser. 
Green Dickers Cherokee Cutting f. m. with axe 2 years  Was done in self defense.
Orange Bray Lamar Assault with axe  3 years Eye shot out by owner - was defending himself - put in prison before break up. 
Henry Richardson Bastrop Attempt at rape 7 years Says it's result of malice. Prosecuted by his former master. 
Lawson Rodgers Harrison Stealing 6 bush wheat 2 years Taken from employer if at all - from statement undoubtedly innocent - good man. 
Sam New Colorado Attempt at rape  5 years 
Geo. Powell Harrison 2 years Says he was arrested for showing U. S. Officers where 1,700 bales of Confederate cotton were at close of war = Was not arrested until a year after when he was accused of being implicated in removal of it = Books of the prison do not show what offense he is imprisoned for. 
Wm Henry Fayette Stealing $1000.00  12 years Claims to have received it from another freedman = 
Jno. Morris Montague Stealing $4.00 2 years Money lost by drunken man and found by Jno. = 
Alex Moffat Dallas Stealing horse  5 years Stolen by another freedman who escaped. 
Richd. Johnson Gonzales Stealing saddle 5 years Purchased it from stranger (white). 
Anderson or Addison Dewitt  Stealing $12.00 worth corn 2 years  Taken from employer who was in his debt and for which reason he says he took it. 
Geo. Grimes Cherokee Stealing 5 hogs 2 years Hogs belonged to employer 
Geo. Tucker Montgomery Stealing 20 cents 2 years Lost by freedman - denies ever having seen it = 
Eli Parks Harrison Stealing little meat  2 years Says twas 2 pounds left in his house which he consumed = 
Bill Anderson Washington Stealing horse 7 years
Dennis Grimes Cherokee Stealing hogs 2 years Property held prior to suit being commenced = Denies was one of seven men who took the hogs = says they were all returned. 
Dick Wilson Bexar Stealing coat and pants  2 years Says rec'd from freedman. 
Milton Mays Guadalupe Stealing saddle 2 years Value of saddle was 3.00 and he says he took it from f. m. c. who owed him $3.00. 
Butler Heath Hill Stealing $3.00  2 years Taken from employer (16 years old) 
Jas. Williams Fayette Stealing pr. of shoes 2 years Taken from freedwoman whose husband owed him the money = 
Jas. R. Carmahill Henderson  Stealing pistol 2 years
Gaston Massey Grayson Stealing 4# bacon 2 years Taken from employer in lieu of rations.
Alfred Davis Cherokee Stealing 2 blankets 2 years Deny charge.
Sawny Fields Grimes Stealing 18 shoe lasts  2 years Deny charge.
Alfred Frasier Harris Stealing 1 dress pattern 2 years  Says wife purchased it in Galveston.
Noah Rupel Colorado Stealing saddle  2 years
Moses Ryan Jasper Stealing horse  5 years Borrowed it from a man Goodwin and was returning it when arrested. 
Coleman Crosby Harrison Killing ox 2 years Says twas killed by another 
Robt. Runes Colorado Stealing saddle 2 years Denies it, wasn't allowed witnesses. 
Wm. Jackson Galveston Stealing pipe & 5.00 2 years 
Berry Fielding Cherokee Stealing ½ bushel corn 2 years  Taken from employer
Taylor Perkins Harrison Stealing 21 bushel corn 3 years  Hauling corn for employer.
Josh Freeman Houston Stabbing f. m. c.  2 years Had fight with him = in fight.
Rufus Davis San Augustine  Stealing $1.00 2 years
*Sam Bufford Colorado Stealing hog 2 years 
Jas. Brown Falls Stealing saddle skirts  5 years
Ben Carlyle Van Zandt Stealing horse 5 years Rode estray horse 4 miles and returned it. 
Bunk McManus Chambers Stealing pistol 2 years
Jackson Jones Fannin Stealing plow and some corn 2 years  Was overseer for his old master who prosecuted him because he would not contract and remain with after being set free. Good man = 
Dick Kane Travis Stealing pr. of pants  2 years
Sam Risher Travis Stealing cotton cloth  2 years Caught him in the store = less than bolt = 
Jim Terrell Grimes Stealing pr. of boots  2 years Denies it.
*Jno. Byron Harris Stealing $10.00  2 years Denies it.
Isaac Tasker Austin Stealing cloth  2 years Stole bolt of cloth when drunk = so charged but don't remember anything about it. 
Wm. Rusk Limestone Stealing trace chain  2 years Borrowed it by direction of his wagon master as his wagon tongue broke. Neuser said he would send him to prison pay expenses of war = Is a good man. Works outside of prison hauling wood - not confined while at work = Has been in over a year = 
A. Gregory Ellis Stealing 8 ears corn  2 years Works outside prison without guard = Hauls cuts and piles wood = works with Wm. Rusk name mentioned above. 
Berry Copeland Harrison Stealing 13 yds. Cloth 2 years  Stolen by freedmen and given to Berry to take to another man = Found in Berry's possession 
Thos. Swisher Travis Stealing oxen 2 years Cousin stole oxen - he helped. 
Simon Glover Grimes Helping prisoner to escape  2 years Denies it - says he was 12 miles from there at time - would not let him get witnesses 
Warner Ormsby Travis Breaking into store 7 years Denies it.
Coleman White Red River Stealing coat pants pr. drawers & suit 10 years Taken from man he worked for because he could not get pay for his services. 
Wm. Washington Brazonia Cutting freedman 7 years Used to be servt. For Genl. Gregory. Says he was at wedding when row occurred - he says he tried to break it up was all part he had in it. 
Jeff Brown Galveston Stealing $26.00 worth goods 7 years 
Fred Sutherland Jackson Shooting father 7 years Says was accidental, father did not die. 
Mars Simmons Galveston Robbery 2 years Denies it. 
Cany Davis Austin Shooting at white man  5 years Snapped cap at dog. Says the white man set his dog on him. 
Crockett Williams Upshur Stealing horse 7 years Denies it. 
Dick Ginius Washington Stealing horse 5 years
Henry Hawkins Galveston Theft 3 years Says he was arrested for carrying pistol while drunk = Books of prison show he was in for theft but do not state what he stole. 
Foster Whitfield Harrison  Stealing 30.00 5 years Denies it.
Harry Randolph Bastrop Stealing Mule 5 years Denies it. 
Scott Gibson Austin Stealing pistol  2 years Denies it.
Robt. Bradly Tarrant Arson 4 years Says man came to fence and asked him for fire - he gave it to him and the man set a barn afire = man was a stranger to him and was not caught = prisoner is a boy. 
Dick Spaim Galveston Stealing 5.00 4 years Found it on table and took it. 
Albert Mil Washington Stealing horse 5 years Rode the mans horse he was working for to church = took it back and put in lot same day - was arrested two weeks after. 
Raleigh Armstrong Harris Breaking into store 7 years Says he only stole an orange.
Rand Kimbrough Anderson Stealing ½ bush wheat 2 years  Says he took it from man he worked for.
Geo. Martinas Guadalupe Stealing horse 10 years
Sam Butler Anderson Stealing bush wheat  2 years Admits it.
Jno. Oliphant Walker Cutting freedman 2 years
Robt. R. Brooks Harris Stealing watch chain 7 years Denies it.
Danl. Reno Bastrop Stealing pony  7 years Says he bought the pony for $30.00 from the man for whom he was at work - worked out the pay and the man took pony back and said he would pay him the $30.00 - Could not get the money from him and went and took the pony = 
Hank Walls 

 Chas. Richardson

Smith  Stealing 2 bales cotton 5 years 

 4 years 

These two men say they were hired to haul cotton by white man and did not know anything about it being stolen cotton. 
Sam Childs Galveston Rape 7 years
Jno. McDowell Fayette Stealing $6.00 2 years Hauled corn for a man and he kept $6.00 out of pay for the same. Says he told man at the time he had done so. 
Jacob Falk Henderson Attempt to commit rape 15 years  Says he went to steal masters gun - master caught him - 4 persons sleeping in room. 
Spence Baker Brazonia Drawing gun on a man 2 years Says he was crazy on account of sickness of his children and did not know that he did it - no load in gun. 
Frank Lucas Dallas Stealing oxen  2 years  Bought it of a f. m. c. who stole it - paid him 75. Valued at 2.00. Prisoner a boy. 
Luke Bird Polk Stealing horse  7 years Master shot at him twice (has killed 2 white men i.e. master). Had horse one day = Took horse to run away on after master shot at him. 
Aaron Geony Anderson Stealing bush corn 2 years A good man, spoken of highly by his keepers = Denies stealing corn. 
Henry Greenwood Grimes Stealing bushel corn 2 years Taken from Mr. Sterling his employer.
Leonard Edwards Liberty Stealing turn plow 2 years Sent by his employer for the plow to a neighbors and went and got it as directed. 
Geo. Barnett Anderson Stealing 1 ½ # wool 2 years  In cleaning out employers smoke house found wool in with a lot of trash cleaned it and used it to make pr. of socks = 
David Bradley Cameron Burglary 12 years Says he was arrested on suspicion. 
Jack Dupree Houston Stealing horse  10 years 
Jack Hatch Walker Stealing mule  7 years Says he was at wedding and rode mule home = he intended to return it. 
Henderson Jenkins Burleson  Stealing horse 5 years
Henry Clompton Harris Stealing horse 7 years  Master went to Mississippi and left horse in his charge - Master did and as he could not prove horse was left in his charge he was accused and convicted of stealing it. 
Isiah Bagwell Grimes Stabbing a white man 10 years States he ran off from his employer after his time of service was up - Employer wanted him to contract again but would not = After he had got off half mile employer came and caught him and brought him back - stopped at a branch and said now g-d d-n you won't work for me and you shant work for anybody else. He had drawn his pistol = Freedman than consented to work for him another year and for nothing if he would not kill him = Man said no g-d d-n you you ran away and I am not going to let you live with anybody and did shoot him through the left shoulder. Isiah than stabbed him - cut him badly - says after he cut him first time he kept on doing it he was so desperate ---- 
Jas. Patrick Lamar Stealing horse  5 years Says he was riding a U. S. horse (branded) Man came up and claimed it as his. 
Stephen Freeman Grayson Stealing horse 5 years Says he bought the horse from an Indian for $10.00 
Sol Barnes Grimes Stealing 3 dox. Knives & forks  4 years
Richard Washington Guadalupe  Stealing saddle tree 2 years  Says he purchased it from a freedman who stole it. 
Chas. Williams Matagorda Stealing 3 suits clothes 5 years  Driving wagon for employer who would not pay him = Took clothes for pay ---- 
Jas. Anderson Wharton Stealing horse 5 years Denies knowing anything about it. 
Dick Cochran Fayette Shooting at a white woman. 3 years  Boy 16 years old says shot at dog.
Thos. Howard Galveston Stealing 50,00 and accused of committing rape 7 years Says he was arrested August 1866 and released = Rearrested in Jan 1867 and sent to penitentiary, has been a soldier in U. S. Army = That lawyer Hansake defended him = States that he has 9 witnesses to prove he was in another house the night of the rape = 
Jas. Cruser Cameron Assault on a white man  7 years States that he was struck by Judge Bigelow with a club and then hit him with a brick. 
Dick Perkins Ellis Stealing 2 bush corn  2 years The property of employer. 
Dave Jewer Fort Bend Stealing saddle 2 years Bought the saddle of a freedman for $13.00. 
Henry Gilmore Ellis Stealing saddle and bridle  2 years Borrowed them from employer who did not find them and accused him of having stolen them. 
Bill Ray Galveston Stealing $7000.00  7 years Denies it.
January Larodi Upshur Breaking open store 6 years
Ned Clark Colorado Stealing watch  5 years Says he bought it from a man. 
Robt. Tillman  Grimes Breaking into store 5 years
Prince Price Walker Stealing watch  2 years Taken from B. L. Wilson in lieu of money due = 
Chas. Brown Walker Stealing 6 ½ bush corn  5 years Claims to have bought from waggoner. 
Wash Bolton 
Isom Collins
Ellis  Stealing mule 5 years 

 5 years 

Both these men say they took mules from their employer because he would not pay them for services rendered = Say employer threatened to kill him if they did not hire for another year --- Took mules in lieu of pay = 
Wm. Osborn Harrison Stealing mule  5 years Denies all knowledge of it. 
Wm. G. Gregory Washington  Stealing clothes 5 years Freedman owed him wages - would not pay him and he took his clothes = 
Ed Price San Augustine Stealing blanket 2 years Denies charge, employer was the accuser. 
Danl. Swarnuigen Orange Murder 20 years Drunk, killed f.m. in row. 
Gen. Watson Washington Stealing horse 10 years Says he picked up the horse and rode it to find his own = a very honest looking old man - has a good face. 
Lewis Blake Austin Murder  7 years Says he killed a freedman in self defense. 
Sam Watson Brazonia Stabbing  7 years Fighting with a freedman and says he killed him in self defense. 
Nicholas Barns Grimes Breaking open store 5 years
Jno. Powell Jasper Rape  4 years
Henry Day Trinity  Stealing pr. socks  2 years Denies it = From statement conclude was persecuted out of malice by woman with whom his wife had some difficulty. 
Ross Richardson Grayson Stealing shirt 2 years Laid in jail 8 months before being sent to penitentiary = Stole shirt from off fence. 
Jno. Montgomery Dallas Stealing 7# pigs feet 2 years  This a lame old man crippled in both feet and goes on crutches. Received permission from mans cook to get the pork = Had been in habit of getting it when he wanted it = and had a general permission to do so from him --- owner got cook to swear she did not give him the permission. Extremely hard case. 
Levi Barns Victoria Stealing horse  5 years Horse loaned him by mistress. She prosecuted him for stealing it because he would not live with her another year = 
Richard Johnson Johnson Stealing horse 7 years Says he took horse in lieu of 30.00 employer owed him for service and which he could not get - value of horse taken $20.00. 
Henry Bayly Fort Bend Stealing 1 load corn 2 years Hired to go after it by freedman and supposed it was his = caught at the crib = 
Calistro Brown Galveston Shooting at freedman 4 years
Sawny Brown Galveston Stealing 5.00 2 years Denies it. 
Tom Gooch Harris Stealing watch  3 years
Fields Logan Fayette Stealing 5 pr. shoes 2 years States employer owed him for work and could not get his pay = Took shoes for pay. 
James Fisher Guadalupe Stealing hog 2 years Was one of two freedmen who had permission to kill hogs and killed another man's. 
Thomas Davis Rusk Stealing 2 hogs  2 years Went with employer to help kill hogs = Killed 2 which his employer gave him and he took them home. Was arrested for stealing them. 
Tom Lubbock Galveston Stealing saddle 3 years Says he won from f.m.c. named Geo. Smith who belonged in Nassau and was there on his trial = 
Isaac McKain Harrison Stealing bacon 2 years Says he was at another place when meat was stolen. Had witnesses but could not get them. It was a small amount stolen. 
Chas. King Colorado Stealing pistol  2 years Taken from employer because he could not get pay for working for him. 
Chester Scott Upshur Stealing hog 2 years Belonged to the man he was working for --- Says he did not get enough to eat. 
Leon Grier San Augustine Stealing pr. stirrup leathers 2 years  States he took from employer in lieu of 12 bushels of corn employer owed him - was tried for burglary and acquitted. 
Dick Yagle Fannin Stealing bridle  2 years Value $3.00. Denies theft. 
Louis Mames Brazonia Stealing stear 2 years Ordered by employer to kill the stear - told employer it was not his mark, i.e. employers - then told to kill it anyhow = Prosecuted by owner of stear. 
Ned McCulloch Ellis Stealing counterpane and 2 towels  2 years Denies knowing anything about the towels. Says he received the counterpane from freedwoman. 
Geo. Lahlia Milam Helping prisoner to escape.  2 ½ years Accused of furnishing horse to prisoner on which to escape. Denies it = Says he knows nothing of it = 
Jno. Winsler Brazos Stealing 3 hogs  2 years States that he killed them in lieu of rations = admitted it to employer to whom they belonged = Rec'd nothing but beef at the time. 
Sam Johnson Cameron Stealing clothing  2 years Charged with stealing 3 pr. of pants and 2 vests - States he rec'd them from a freedman. Has been a soldier in 31st USCT and says he was prosecuted because he had been a "Yankee Soldier." 
Geo. Allen Colorado Stealing 1 sheep  2 years States he took it form employer in lieu of rations = says he only got half of it. 
Daniel Loflay Lamar Stealing 1 ½ bush corn  2 years States that at time he took it his children were starving. Took it from employer who was in his debt for services rendered. 
Wm. B. Sago Dallas Stealing calf  2 years Was sent by employer to killing a calf - Having something to do got another freedman to do it and he killed another mans calf by mistake. 
George Walker Freestone Stealing 1 axe  2 years States he had given his employer a sack of flour = could not get the sack back and took the axe in lieu thereof. Was advised to do so by a white man who told him that it would be all right. 


Statement Showing the Counties from which Convicts (freed people) have been received at State Penitentiary with number and sex from each

Counties rec'd from. No. Females  No. Males Counties rec'd. from  No. Females No. Males
Anderson - Houston -
Austin - Henderson -
Bexar - Jasper -
Brazonia - Jackson -
Bastrop - Johnson -
Burleson - Lamar -
Brazos 1 Liberty -
Coryell 1 Limestone -
Cherokee 1 McLennan 1
Cook - Montgomery -
Chambers - Milam -
Cameron - Matagorda -
Calhoun - Montague -
Colorado - 11  Nacogdoches -
Dewitt 1 Orange -
Dallas - Polk -
Ellis - Rusk -
Fayette 1 Red River -
Fannin - Smith 1
Freestone - San Augustine -
Fort Bend - Sabine -
Falls - Tarrant -
Galveston 1 12  Trinity -
Guadalupe - Travis -
Grimes - 10  Upshur 1
Gonzales 1 Victoria -
Grayson - Van Zandt -
Goliad 1 Washington -
Hill - Williamson -
Harrison - 15  Walker -
Harris 1 10  Wharton -



No. of Counties No. of Females No. of Males Total Average Term of Imprisonment
62 14 211 225 3 years, 64 days


Freedmen’s Bureau Report of an Inspection of the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville, Walker County