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Freedmen's Burau Records - Registered Reports of Murders and Outrages, Texas

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Texas
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, 1865 - 1869
National Archives Microfilm Publication M821, Roll 32
"Registered Reports of Murders and Outrages, Sept. 1866 - July 1867"

Office Sub. Asst. Comr. &c.
Sherman, Texas
Oct. 6, 1866

Wm. N. Sanders
Bvt. Col. And A. A. G.
Galveston, Texas


I have the honor herewith to forward a report of Union men and Freedmen who have been murdered by Rebel citizens since the collapse of the rebellion.

I reported in a letter not long since that all was quiet in this section, that no cases of murder had occurred for some time as far as I could learn but since some facts have come to my knowledge.

The freedmen here have been kept in perfect terror of their lives by the desperate men of the County who are hostile and active in abusive assailing and murdering this inoffensive people all over the County for any and every pretext that human ingenuity can devise and often without any plea whatever.

Consequently the freedmen are restricted so much that they are afraid to report the murder of a black man until their confidence is obtained.

These malcontents, villains and murderers are numerous and vicious and smarting under a sense of lost mastery over their former slaves and determined they shall not enjoy their freedom. Many of the freedmen express themselves dissatisfied with their freedom, preferring to be slaves as they once were having some protection of life.

President Johnson's policy is hell on Union men and death to the nigger in this section shure. And its only the strong arm of the military that can check the violence and mischief that the damnable "my policy" has produced in this portion of the state.

Since the President's 22nd of February speech the old secessionist have become audacious; many of them have held violent possession of the children of their former slaves and defended their possession by arms. The troops have generally righted these wrongs as far as known.

Mr. John Tompson a discharged federal soldier from the 14th Kansas was killed near Bonham in Fannin County by a Guerilla named Bill Tucker of Kentucky notoriety about the first of December last. The authorities took no notice of the case. Said Tucker was deputised to arrest Tompson upon a false warrant and shot Tompson without giving him any notice whatever of his business.

Mr. Fox, a Union man who went into the Federal service with sixteen men from Wise County was murdered about three months ago at his own house about three months ago by five men riding up to his house. Called him out, shot him down and made their escape.

At Gainesville in Cook County on the day of the election in June last a discharged Federal soldier was cheering for Blunt, was asked what Blunt; answered General Blunt. Was immediately knocked down severe injuries were inflicted upon him when required to leave the County under penalty of being forthwith (remainder of report missing)