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The Freedmen's Bureau Online

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Tennessee
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1869
National Archives Microfilm Publication M999 Roll 34
"Reports of Outrages, Riots and Murders"

Franklin, Tenn.
July 8th, 1867
Bostick, Burrell
Affidavit before Esquire J. L. Burch, Justice of the Peace, in regard to the riot at Franklin, Tenn. on Sat. July 6, 1867

Personally appeared before me this 8th day of July 1867 Burrell Bostick and having been duly sworn deposes and says

My name is Burrell Bostick. I live at Widow Bostick's about one mile from Franklin, Tenn. I was at the speaking and in the procession on the 6th of July 1867 at Franklin, Tenn. I was with the crowd at the Court House when Joe Williams was speaking. Mr. Bliss told the (col.) people to leave the Court House and not to kick up a disturbance and let him speak his opinions. We then left the Court House and went across the square and got our drums and walked across the square. Mr. John L. House met us on the square. He, Mr. House, went up to Mr. Bliss on the square and hit with his fist on the face - after that was over we marched on to the grove to hear the speaking. After the speaking was over we came back to the square marching in procession. I was in the front at the head of the column. When I heard the first shot fired I turned as well as all the others that were near me. The shot was fired from Mr. House's corner. About 30 of mixed white and colored were in that crowd. On the opposite side of the square I saw and heard several shots fired. I saw some shots also fired out of the Court House windows (the upper windows) also saw shots fired out of the windows of Mr. Bennett's house. After the first round was fired the (col.) people returned the fire. The names of the colored men that fired were Bob Caruthers, Bundy Caruthers and myself. Mr. House said is Mr. Cody shot - someone answered yes. Mr. House said he is the first man fired and then got shot. Mr. House was in command. He told his men to fall back and load. They then got back and loaded and came back again and Mr. House told them to go straight for the flag - we were carrying a United States flag - he then said to the men go up brave, that he would make them remember taking a banner with Fort Pillow on it. I was wounded in the head.

(signed) Burrell (x) Bostick

Sworn and subscribed before me 8th July 1867
(signed) J. L. Burch, J. P.