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The Freedmen's Bureau Online

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of North Carolina
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, 1865 - 1870
National Archives Microfilm Publication M843 Roll 35
"Indentures Sept. 1865 - Aug. 1867"

Notes to Indentures January 1866 - June 1866

1.    Deaf and dumb.

2.    White female - indenture cancelled 8-8-1868

3.     White refugee

4.     Office Bu. Ref. F. & A. L. - Lumberton, NC Dec. 9th, 1867

This indenture is hereby cancelled, Peter McNatt (colored) appearing at this office with David McMillan (colored) an Uncle to Matilda who agrees to take Matilda and to provide for her, this with the consent of Peter McNatt and the agent of the Bureau.

Address of Peter McNatt
Bladen Co., NC

David McMillan
On Elizabeth Road near Widow Glover's & Widow Crawford's place.

5.     White refugee.

6.     White refugee.

7.     Daughter of Francis Simpson, col'd.

8.     At the request of both parties these indentures are cancelled - July 31st, 1867

9.     Mother & father both dead. Indenture cancelled Oct. 1, 1867.

10.      Magnolia, Duplin Co., N.C. Mar. 14-66

I hereby give my free and voluntary consent to have my daughter Lucy aged 10 years bound to R. H. Forlaw as an apprentice until she shall be 21 years of age.
Pennie (X) Forlaw

Witness H. H. Foster - B.R.F. & A.L.

11.     With mother's consent.

Bureau R. F. and A. L.
Clinton, Sampson Co., N. C. Mar. 20, 1866

I Ann, freedwoman, hereby give my free and voluntary consent that my child Ann may be bound as an apprentice to Mrs. Mary Ann Vann until she shall be twenty one years of age.
Ann (X)

12.     With mother's consent.

Bureau R. F. and A. L.
Clinton, Sampson Co., N. C. Mar. 21-66

I hereby give my free and voluntary consent that my six children named respectively John, Betsey, Hannah, Sally, Alick and William may be bound to John R. Smith until they shall be twenty-one years of age.
Maria (X)

Witness H. H. Foster
B. R. F. & A. L

13.     Mother dead and father deserting them.

14.     Bound because their mothers have deserted them and are now living disreputable lives.

15.     Their mother being dead and their father refusing to care for them.

16.     Bound by his father King McKeever.

17.     Bound because their mother is an imbecile and incapable of caring for them.

State of North Carolina
Duplin Co., April 3rd, 1866

Personally appeared before me Daniel J. Rivenbark an acting Justice of the Peace for the County of Duplin, State of North Carolin, Owen B. Morissey who maketh oath that he is personally acquainted with Cherry Harmon (freedwoman) and knows her to be unable to provide for her children and further maketh oath that the said Cherry Harmon is incapable of managing or taking care of her children. This deponent further deposes that the said Cherry Harmon has eight children.
O. B. Morissey

Sworn to and subscribed before me this third day of April A.D. 1866. Daniel J. Rivenbark.

State of North Carolina
Duplin County, Court Clerk's Office

I, W. R. Bell, Clerk of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Session for said County do hereby certify that Daniel Rivenbark whose genuine signature appears to the foregoing affidavit is and was at that time an acting Justice of the Peace in and for said County and full faith and credit is due to all his acts as such. Given under my hand and seal of office at office in Kenansville the fifth day of April 1866. Walter R. Bell, Clk.

18.     Bound because their mother is totally unfitted to care for them.

19.     With mother's consent.

20.     He having been abandoned by his mother.

21.     Bound by her mother Mary Gregory.

22.     Bound by their mother Martha S. Stultz.

23.     Bound by her mother Lillie Adams.

24.     It's mother being insane.

25.     Father is dead and mother has been gone from her child 12 months.

26.     This boy is bound because the mother will not provide for him herself now allow him to be anything but a vagrant about the            streets.

27.     With the mother's consent hereto appended.

Bureau R. F. and A. L.
Magnolia, Duplin Co., N. C. June 7th, 1866

I hereby give my free and voluntary consent that my son named Alick aged eight years may be bound as an apprentice until he shall be twenty one years of age to J. W. Pearsall.
Emily (X)

28.     State of North Carolina

Bladen County

Alfred McKeethan (freedman) maketh oath before me F. M. Wooten one of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for said County. That in he knows Edie McKeethan. No relation except Uncle by marriage, has no parents living, do not know her exact age on the 18th of last Sept. Is not her lawful guardian.

Sworn to before me the 22nd day of June, 1866.    
F. M. Wooten, J. P.

29.     With mother's consent.

Bureau of R. F. & A. L.
Office of Asst. Supt.

Lumberton, N. C. June 29, 1866
This is to certify that I am the mother of Mary aged 12 years, Aleck aged 10 years and Jerry aged 8 years and that I freely give my consent to have them bound to R. G. Ashley. The father of these three children is in Alabama and it is for their benefit that they are bound to Mr. Ashley. I further certify that I am not able to feed an clothe them and give them any education.
Martha (X) Hill

30.    Daughter of Harriet Northcott. Cancelled.

31.     The mother's consent being given & hereto annexed.

Bureau of R. F. and A. L.    
Magnolia, Duplin Co., NC July 16, 1866

I hereby give my free and voluntary consent that my three (3) children named respectively William, Lucy and Daniel may be bound to James T. Carroll, Esqr. until they shall be released by the regular order of law.
Sarah Ann (X) Rouse

32.     This child has no parents living in this country.

33.     Bound by his father Madison Whitfield.

34.     Bound by her mother Sarah C. Plesant.

35.     Cancelled August 6th, 1867 the mother not having given her consent to have her children apprenticed.

36.     With the full and free permission of his mother.

            I, Sarah Lewis, the mother of said Perry Watson, hereby give my consent to the bonding of my child to Mrs. Sarah Barnitt.

            Witness Thomas Higgins

37.    Bound with the consent of their mother, Mariah Harrington, who agreed to bond her six eldest children in exchange for a "comfortable house to live in and as much land to tend as she will fence in around the house" until January 1, 1868.

38.    White.

Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands
Head Quarters Sub District of Beaufort North Carolina
Beaufort, NC January 28th, 1867

Personally appeared before me Richard Dillon, Captain VCR Res. Corps. and Superintendent of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands for the Sub District of Beaufort, North Carolina, Ellen C. Boyd who after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that Martha Ann Sullivan is a minor and that her father and mother are both dead and that she has had to support her for the last three years and that she is the minor's aunt and nearest of kin and not being able to do so any longer and in order that the child will be better provided for than she can doe, she now desired and consents to the said Martha Ann Sullivan (white) to be bound as an apprentice to James C. Davis of the town of Beaufort, Cateret County, North Carolina. She further states that she and the said minor Martha Ann Sullivan are both refugees.
Ellen C. Boyd

Subscribed and sworn to this twenty third day of January 1867 before me.
Richard Dillon
Capt. VRC and Asst. Supt.

Beaufort, NC
Jan. 23rd, 1867

39.    Their mother having deserted them.

State of North Carolina
Sampson County, Feb. 1st, 1867

This day personally appeared before me one of the acting Magistrates for and in the county of Sampson, Robert Peterson and Julian Killett who testified as follows, that Dinah Lewis is an idiot and the mother of two children, Tom and Jane, which she is not able to support and maintain and that she is incapable of protecting them and unfit for their guardian.
Robert Peterson
Julian Killett
M. M. Killett J. P.

40.    With the consent of their mother.

Sampson County, NC
Feb. 23rd, 1867

I hereby give my free and voluntary consent that five of my children names respectively Henry aged (11) eleven, Margiana aged (9) nine, Joseph aged (7) seven, John aged (5) five, Cora aged (3) three years, may be bound to Mr. Lewis Carroll of Sampson County, NC as apprentices until that apprenticeship shall terminate by their becoming a lawful age.
Ann (X) Best

Witness H. H. Foster
Bvt. Maj. USA
Asst. Supt. R. F. & A. L.

41.    Agreed to hire from his mother Priscilla.